Sponsorship Success

For every great event there are great sponsors! Getting the right sponsors on board can take time and the perfect negotiation, but have no fear- Metrospect is here!

Sponsors are a key ingredient in the success of events and requires certain protocol when handling them successfully.

Asking the right questions and many of them allows you to develop a better feel for the best sponsorship. Maintaining simplicity is key as well, determining what is most relevant and most important. Think about the audience and build your sponsorship activity in a way that contributes to the attendee experience while supporting the mission of the event.

Don’t make the mistake of letting the communications/marketing handle the sponsorship negotiation on their own, make sure the events team is in on it too. Look at you and your sponsors as a team-both sides are working together to put together a successful event.

For more tips and strategies on getting the right sponsorship deals for you, call Metrospect at 215.922.1862!


Sending the right Message-Market with Metrospect!

Marketing is everywhere and anywhere in today’s world! As soon as you walk out of the door, you are constantly bombarded with messages marketed towards you to influence your decision making. On the business side of things, marketing is vital to selling your product and service therefore it’s crucial to go with the right marketing team! With 20 years under our belts, Metrospect has the skills to market your business efficiently.

We go above and beyond when it comes to getting your company’s name out there! Smart social media strategies ensure we reach your demographic and target them in a way that will get them immediately enticed by all your business has to offer. We guarantee that by the time we have you as our client, your potential clients and consumers will understand your message and view it favorably. Trust us, going about marketing on your own will waste time and end up not generating the same revenue that we would if we were to handle things. Not only can we send the right messages to consumers through marketing, but we can handle your press releases as well! From communication to marketing, Metrospect has you covered! Take a look at our website at http://www.metrospectevents.com/ to get a better understanding of the benefits of working with Metrospect.

Corporate Events-Don’t do it alone!

Corporate events aren’t something you and your company shouldn’t handle on your own-that’s what event planners are for! While you may think doing all the work on your own is cheaper than going to the professionals, this is not the case. With years of experience event planners like Metrospect know what things should cost and the difference in value. We help clients navigate price tags and balance their priorities to stay on or under budget. Skilled event planners like ourselves often will save a client up to 10% of their total budget costs.

A strong negotiator is key as well when it comes to planning events and getting the most bang out of your buck while adhering to your vision of the event. With skilled event planners at your helm you will get what you ask for! We know just how to negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers to ensure client satisfaction.

Utilizing an event planner also ensures that things will be done in a timely manner. Handling all the responsibilities yourself in addition to holding down a job will surely bog you down and not get taken care of in the most efficient time frame. This leads us to our next and perhaps most important benefit of going to an event planner-minimize stress! By allowing us to handle the troubleshooting and logistics of issues that arise, you will be able to sit back and relax with your guests at the event. Put on an unforgettable event and enjoy it when you go with skilled event planners like Metrospect! Reach us at 215.922.1862 to learn more about what we can do for your next event!

Laugh and Feed the Hungry with Chuck Nice!

Take down hunger and have some laughs with Philly’s own Chuck Nice!

Get your laugh on and take down hunger with Philadelphia native and renown comedian Chuck Nice at self-produced Til’ Death. This November 15th, Nice will be bringing down the house at grandiose Top of the Tower. Nice, known for his role on the VH1 comedy series Best Week Ever, is an 18 year veteran of the comedy field and known for his edgy, story-telling comedic style. Chuck has also been featured on truTV’s World’s Dumbest, NBC’s The Today Show, and is the current host of HGTV’s How to Buy Like A Mega-Millionaire and Home Strange Home.

While making sure the audience has a good time is a priority of Nice’s, giving back is important to the comedian as well. “I’m so excited to come home and perform for a Philly audience, while helping Philabundance and the tremendous work they do. No comic ever asks an audience to bring food to a show, for fear of getting hit with it. Canned food hurts a hell of a lot more than tomatoes, so you know I’m funny.” Nice stated. All ‘Til Death ticket-holders are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to support Philabundance, which decreases hunger and food instability in the Delaware Valley. Tickets are $25  in advance and and there will be two shows at 7:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m.  Get your tickets today at http://vistaphiladelphia.com/chucknice/

Metrospect Events…Creating Nights to Remember!

When it comes to events, Metrospect has a history of putting on tantalizing events that bring out all of Philadelphia and the tri-state area. Don’t make it another year without going to a Metrospect Event! Our nearest event will be one for the books. Freakshow: A Philadelphia Horror Story will have a 3 hour open bar, entertainment from three of Philly’s Hottest DJ’s, and a $1000 costume contest-so dress to impress! Get your tickets today before they are sold out at http://www.upcomingevents.com/philadelphia/freak-show-halloween-party/metrospect/

Hair O’ The Dog aka Philly’s most glamorous bash is coming up this January 17th! The event, also referred to as adult prom includes top entertainment, food, and to top it off, an open bar. Dance the night away at Hair O’ The Dog, voted Best Event of 2014 by the Philly Nightlife Awards. The whole city will be there, and so should you! Purchase your tickets today at http://www.upcomingevents.com/philadelphia/hairothedog/hodsite/

And to top it off, we are behind the funniest event in Philadelphia, the Philly Sports Roast. Last year, everyone laughed their a$$ off when Terrell Owens was roasted, and they will again this year.And get your tickets here:  http://hairothedog.ticketleap.com/philly-sports-roast/

Press Release your way to Perfect Media!

Communicating effectively is vital for your company when it comes to press releases. Without the right message, your company’s standing with the media can take a turn for the worse! Metrospect can take your company’s message and formulate it into something newsworthy that media outlets will be unable to ignore. Don’t do it yourself, we have 20 years under our belt! If you don’t communicate your words to the media properly, they in turn won’t relay the message to the public properly! Think of a press release as your ticket to publicity — one that can get your company coverage in all kinds of publications or on TV and radio stations.

First, be sure you have a good reason for sending a press release. A grand opening, a new product, a record-setting sales year, a new location or a special event are all good reasons for a press release. Second, make sure your press release is suitably targeted for the publication you’re sending it to. The audience of the publication should fit the demographic you want to target. Metrospect can reach your prime consumers and word the press release in a way that will push them towards your company.  Avoid a media meltdown and reach Metrospect at 215.922.1862 to get your best press release yet!

Halloween…Just around the corner!

Halloween is just around the corner-time to find a costume and an event! Get creative-whether you want to be a movie character, a nurse, witch or pumpkin, dress up! Luckily Metrospect Events is busting out yet another top of the line event-Freakshow: a Philadelphia Horror Story. This event is being held at the new Union Trust building and features sound from Philly’s top DJ’s including our own DJ DSC, Montone aka #dayload, and Jason Weiss. Tickets include a 3-hour open bar as well as a $1,000 costume contest! We already were voted Best Event of 2014 for last year’s Hair O The Dog event-so you know we can put on one hell of an event! Don’t sit around and pass out candy again this year, get in the spirit and join the rest of Phfor the best Halloween party of 2014!


Stay Trendy: Social Media Trends, Tips, and Tricks

From LinkedIn to Twitter, social media presence is everywhere! Staying on top of all the up and coming social media tends is a must for your business to stay smart and savvy. Sometimes, however, it’s not simply about posting, it’s about listening too. Social listening is a new trend on the social media scene-opening your eyes and ears and listening to your consumers. Sharing content is important, but responding to those who react is equally as valuable. Replying to those who comment on your posts and shouting out new followers is the ideal way to build a bond with your audience and provide more value to the content you share.

A valuable yet unexpected new app that can be integrated into your social media regime is Snapchat, the video-sharing medium that has exploded in popularity amongst smartphone users. Posting videos allows for companies to communicate differently than they would via photographs.

Infographics have risen in popularity as well as with the new trend in images being used for information. Infographics have a high share rate, with people all over the world reposting and sharing these informative images on their own social media sites. Another skyrocketing social media platform is Google+, where 300 million people are using it every month.

Stay trendy this season by implementing Infographics, social listening, Snapchat and Google+ into your everyday social media strategy!

Keep Holiday Party Costs Low

Holidays are the most celebrated and anticipated time of the year, but unfortunately, the most expensive time of the year as well. Holiday parties don’t have to drain your budgets when Metrospect is doing the planning. A few simple changes of the menu can help you save tremendously. A major cost that can be easily mitigated from your holiday budget is eliminating the carving stations. By choosing more cost effective menu items like chicken, fish, and mini-appetizers and ditching the prime rib and turkey-carving stations, money will be saved.
Additionally, choosing seasonal fruits and veggies as opposed to out of season ones that are pricier will cut costs. Mini-desserts rather than full servings are a smart save because most guests typically only take two bites of dessert anyway wasting the rest.
Changing up the whole atmosphere can lessen costs as well. Choosing a venue that includes linens and centerpieces will spare you the cost of rental. Playing with lighting in the venue is an easy and cheap way to set the mood too. Hosting a lunch rather than a dinner, or making the dinner business casual rather than formal is a cost effective measure to save on the budget.
With this expense cutting measures in mind Metrospect will keep your wallet from bleeding this holiday and give you the best event you’ve had yet! Call us today for your holiday party needs at 215.922.1862.

Evolve Event Planning…with Technology!

Event planning for any major function is no joke! A top of the line event function means it must be up to date with event planning trends. With the rapid increase in popularity of technology, new trends are emerging daily.
First and foremost, meeting planners must utilize technology to gather detailed attendee information. If you don’t know what makes your attendees tick, how can you give them a good time?
Not only does it allow event organizers to compile attendee information quickly, it is also cheaper! Using technology tools to measure attendee needs, get data on event efficiency and streamlining planner workloads serves as the solution to event planning success. Metrospect can take your event to the next level by incorporating the technology trends it needs today at 215.922.1862.