A Little Birdie Said, “Tweet Tweet”

Over 9,100 tweets go out every second. 135,000 new Twitter users are signing up every day. This is a massive audience just waiting for you to target in the right way with your brand or company. You simply need the right resources and the right approach. Metrospect is able to help you do that! Many companies make the right choice by starting a Twitter account, but simply having the account is not enough. The account has to be well-managed and serve a certain purpose. Do you want the account to advertise new goods and services? Serve as a personalized platform for your customers to reach you? Be a network of news straight from the CEO? The power is in your hands to transform the tweets into whatever you desire– in 140 characters or less. 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and it can be a very useful tool. Just be wary of many mistakes that other companies are making. Uninteresting content is a frequent complaint of Twitter users. Hashtags may be #cool #awesome #totallyrad #andall, but adding too many hashtags can actually contribute to a -17% decrease in engagement. The recommended number is two, and if your post is relevant to something in the news or pop culture, aim to use a hashtag that is trending so that others will be more likely to see it. For example, #WorldCup2014.  56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored. Don’t let your company be part of that percent! See our graphic below for more details of how you can improve your Twitter engagement, and remember that Metrospect is always just a phone call away!

twitter should knows

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