There’s an App For That!

The most common excuse for not keeping up with social media platforms is lack of time to give attention to all of them throughout the busy work day, but now you don’t have to! There are so many apps that enhance your experience with social media through the ability to schedule posts, organize, collect stats, and maximize the potential to achieve successful branding. Here are a few of our favorite supplemental applications for making your social media marketing the best it can be:

tweetdeck logo

TweetDeck is very simple to use and allows you to organize various columns to see tweets you’ve scheduled, specific mentions or hashtags related to your brand, follower lists, and even manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

tweetdeck dashboard

hootsuite logo

Hootsuite is great for managing accounts from several different social media platforms as it supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, FourSquare, Myspace, among others. The app allows you to quickly customize various tabs to your liking, auto-schedule and post from multiple accounts, and organize several newsfeeds at once across different platforms, all with top-notch account security for your company. There’s even a mobile app to manage your media on the go!

hootsuite dashboard

buffer logo

Buffer works similarly to Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for scheduling posts from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but it adds another element to play with. Buffer also helps you to examine the best times to post to your followers based on statistics from previous posts to see when they’re engaging in your content for you to maximize outreach.

buffer dashboard

iconosquare logo

Iconosquare (formerly known as Statigram), takes Instagram to the next level. It provides key metrics about your company’s Instagram account and photos. View analytics of what posting times, hashtags, and filters are working best for engagement.Track growth, followers, likes, comments, and more.

iconosquare stuff

klout logo

Klout is a fantastic way to measure your social media impact. The app allows you to log in with various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and it measures your “influence” on these platforms by analyzing frequency and quality of engagement with other users– favorites and retweets on Twitter, likes and comments on Facebook, etc. Your Klout score is a number combined from these statistics and it goes up or down based on the impact your brand is having across your various accounts.

klout dashboard

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