Keep Holiday Party Costs Low

Holidays are the most celebrated and anticipated time of the year, but unfortunately, the most expensive time of the year as well. Holiday parties don’t have to drain your budgets when Metrospect is doing the planning. A few simple changes of the menu can help you save tremendously. A major cost that can be easily mitigated from your holiday budget is eliminating the carving stations. By choosing more cost effective menu items like chicken, fish, and mini-appetizers and ditching the prime rib and turkey-carving stations, money will be saved.
Additionally, choosing seasonal fruits and veggies as opposed to out of season ones that are pricier will cut costs. Mini-desserts rather than full servings are a smart save because most guests typically only take two bites of dessert anyway wasting the rest.
Changing up the whole atmosphere can lessen costs as well. Choosing a venue that includes linens and centerpieces will spare you the cost of rental. Playing with lighting in the venue is an easy and cheap way to set the mood too. Hosting a lunch rather than a dinner, or making the dinner business casual rather than formal is a cost effective measure to save on the budget.
With this expense cutting measures in mind Metrospect will keep your wallet from bleeding this holiday and give you the best event you’ve had yet! Call us today for your holiday party needs at 215.922.1862.

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