Stay Trendy: Social Media Trends, Tips, and Tricks

From LinkedIn to Twitter, social media presence is everywhere! Staying on top of all the up and coming social media tends is a must for your business to stay smart and savvy. Sometimes, however, it’s not simply about posting, it’s about listening too. Social listening is a new trend on the social media scene-opening your eyes and ears and listening to your consumers. Sharing content is important, but responding to those who react is equally as valuable. Replying to those who comment on your posts and shouting out new followers is the ideal way to build a bond with your audience and provide more value to the content you share.

A valuable yet unexpected new app that can be integrated into your social media regime is Snapchat, the video-sharing medium that has exploded in popularity amongst smartphone users. Posting videos allows for companies to communicate differently than they would via photographs.

Infographics have risen in popularity as well as with the new trend in images being used for information. Infographics have a high share rate, with people all over the world reposting and sharing these informative images on their own social media sites. Another skyrocketing social media platform is Google+, where 300 million people are using it every month.

Stay trendy this season by implementing Infographics, social listening, Snapchat and Google+ into your everyday social media strategy!

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