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Brand Slam

Over 60 million Instagram photos are shared every day. Instagram has quickly become part of the social media revolution to overtake traditional marketing efforts. However, many companies are still only sticking to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with followers, integrate with other platforms, and show who your brand truly is. 

Here are three top brand Instagram accounts that are truly doing it right:

Starbucks — @starbucks

Followers: 2 million+

With feel-good, coffee shop photos, Starbucks highlights their own selection of products in an artistic manner, without being pushy about it. They showcase various drinks, especially in time with the time of year of holiday, promote their locations around the world to emphasize the global capacity of the brand, and go far beyond the cliche cappuccino heart that girls in cafes are Instagramming 24/7. Starbucks has been successful in engaging followers with contests, such as their promotion to decorate their signature white cups. They also frequently regram artistic photos taken by their avid coffee drinkers to show off their fan base. Their Instagram is a perfect example of one that not only makes you want their product, but one that also well represents their brand. 

starbucks instagramNike — @nike

Followers: 5 million+

“Ask more from yourself and they’ll start asking more about you,” and “Champions believe in themselves before anyone else will,” are just some examples of the motivational quotes that accompany many of the photos on Nike’s Instagram account. Their athletically focused page is filled with action-packed shots of athletes– young and old– slam dunking, scoring a goal, pushing the limit, or running through the finish line, all in Nike gear. The pictures are very motivational for people looking to lead an active and fit lifestyle, and they are always hashtagged with Nike’s signature #justdoit. Nike’s ability to capture these moments that make champions and inspire others to use their brand to work towards that success is one of the major reasons why their Instagram is such a hit. 


National Geographic — @natgeo

Followers: 6 million+

National Geographic masters the art of connecting people around the world and placing followers in settings they may never step foot. Get up close and personal with an endangered tiger, witness a beautiful cultural ritual from another land, and learn about conservation of ecosystems all over the world in National Parks. These photos go under the sea, into the skies, into the trenches of deep caves, and everywhere in between. National Geographic helps their followers to see these scenes as more than just a photo, but as a story. 


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There’s an App For That!

The most common excuse for not keeping up with social media platforms is lack of time to give attention to all of them throughout the busy work day, but now you don’t have to! There are so many apps that enhance your experience with social media through the ability to schedule posts, organize, collect stats, and maximize the potential to achieve successful branding. Here are a few of our favorite supplemental applications for making your social media marketing the best it can be:

tweetdeck logo

TweetDeck is very simple to use and allows you to organize various columns to see tweets you’ve scheduled, specific mentions or hashtags related to your brand, follower lists, and even manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

tweetdeck dashboard

hootsuite logo

Hootsuite is great for managing accounts from several different social media platforms as it supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, FourSquare, Myspace, among others. The app allows you to quickly customize various tabs to your liking, auto-schedule and post from multiple accounts, and organize several newsfeeds at once across different platforms, all with top-notch account security for your company. There’s even a mobile app to manage your media on the go!

hootsuite dashboard

buffer logo

Buffer works similarly to Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for scheduling posts from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but it adds another element to play with. Buffer also helps you to examine the best times to post to your followers based on statistics from previous posts to see when they’re engaging in your content for you to maximize outreach.

buffer dashboard

iconosquare logo

Iconosquare (formerly known as Statigram), takes Instagram to the next level. It provides key metrics about your company’s Instagram account and photos. View analytics of what posting times, hashtags, and filters are working best for engagement.Track growth, followers, likes, comments, and more.

iconosquare stuff

klout logo

Klout is a fantastic way to measure your social media impact. The app allows you to log in with various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and it measures your “influence” on these platforms by analyzing frequency and quality of engagement with other users– favorites and retweets on Twitter, likes and comments on Facebook, etc. Your Klout score is a number combined from these statistics and it goes up or down based on the impact your brand is having across your various accounts.

klout dashboard

A Little Birdie Said, “Tweet Tweet”

Over 9,100 tweets go out every second. 135,000 new Twitter users are signing up every day. This is a massive audience just waiting for you to target in the right way with your brand or company. You simply need the right resources and the right approach. Metrospect is able to help you do that! Many companies make the right choice by starting a Twitter account, but simply having the account is not enough. The account has to be well-managed and serve a certain purpose. Do you want the account to advertise new goods and services? Serve as a personalized platform for your customers to reach you? Be a network of news straight from the CEO? The power is in your hands to transform the tweets into whatever you desire– in 140 characters or less. 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and it can be a very useful tool. Just be wary of many mistakes that other companies are making. Uninteresting content is a frequent complaint of Twitter users. Hashtags may be #cool #awesome #totallyrad #andall, but adding too many hashtags can actually contribute to a -17% decrease in engagement. The recommended number is two, and if your post is relevant to something in the news or pop culture, aim to use a hashtag that is trending so that others will be more likely to see it. For example, #WorldCup2014.  56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored. Don’t let your company be part of that percent! See our graphic below for more details of how you can improve your Twitter engagement, and remember that Metrospect is always just a phone call away!

twitter should knows

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1.15 Billion Friends Going Strong

The power of Facebook should not be overlooked when looking at social media marketing for your company or brand. These stats alone show how frequently the social network is visited and how much time is spent by its enormous global user base. In this day in age, connecting with customers through Facebook is a must. Whether your company is looking to give its corporate Facebook page a makeover, or simply create one in the first place, Metrospect Events is here to help. We specialize in creating social media marketing plans that are the perfect fit for your company. Among other services– we provide the highest quality in public relations, company newsletters, press releases, all types of corporate/networking events, and any of your other marketing needs. Facebook may have begun as a way to connect with friends, but do not simply pass it by as a way to connect and relate to customers and improve your business. FB statistics